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About us

The primary mission of the Facilities Service Division is to improve the efficiency of the outsourced operations of the university spaces and facilities. The Division follows the regulations and procedures of the “Law for the Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Development” and combines public funds with professional operational capabilities in the development of daily services and facilities of the university to provide faculty and students the best daily services.

Goals :

  1. Actively cutting down on expenses and creating income generation opportunities to increase the profit of the operations of the university funds.
  2. Improving qualities of the living facilities and services for faculty and students.
  3. Actively cooperating with suppliers and striving for the maximum benefits for staff and students of the university.

Program results :

Other than our constant endeavor in the outsourcing of provision of living services and facilities the Division also actively cooperates with private companies to provide discounts and assist in the financial feasibility evaluations and loan repayment plan for each program :

1. Location and contents of the living services :

Promotion of “Student Dorm BOT Projects” as well as various other BOT projects for the stores in the 2nd Student Activity Center, Leader Hotel, Lu Ming Hall, and Siaofu Building, satisfying students and faculty in their daily dietary and shopping needs. The Facilities Service Division is also in charge of the registration of the university emblem and the sales operation of university memorabilia.

2. Other promotions :

  • Hotel promotions
  • Short-term car rentals
  • Online shopping
  • Taxies
  • NTU Card

3. Financial programs :

  • Loan repayment financial program of the 2nd Student Activity Center
    • Annual self evaluation of loan repayment programs

Location of Office: Administration Building westside cottage